Guidance and Counselling Department


Introduction: In 1999, the Ministry of Education issued a policy to have the Department of Guidance and Counseling in all schools.

The GNC is a key department in every school, in our school the department has been in existence since the 1990s.


Giving advice or suggestions or directions or instructions to people who have problems whether spiritual or psychological. It involves personal assistance. It is the body of psychotherapy( a building up the process). It is knowledge based (factual). Guidance as an educational construct involves those experiences that assist each learner to understand him/herself, accept him/herself and live effectively in his/her society.



professional assistance and guidance in resolving the personal, social or psychological problem. It is the heart of psychotherapy(healing process). Its more personal, less structured and confidential.

In a school set up counseling seeks to address and resolve problems, helps students in decision making while assisting one to cope with the crisis.

It is also concerned with helping individuals to work through feelings and inner conflicts so as to improve their relationship with others. It enables or helps an individual to live more competed and with contentment.



Guidance and counseling is not tangible exercise as its results cannot be realized immediately.

In reality, it is difficult to quantify or measure the immediate results of counseling.

Specific behavior change is a result of a process of both short and long term


Under the guidance and counseling HOD, we have an assistance HOD who is also the school chaplain.

This is very useful because students with spiritual problems can be referred to her.

Under the assistant GNC HOD, there is a team of teachers who assist in this department.

These teacher counselors are involved in group/class or individual counseling.


The guidance and counseling department is a heavy loaded department and often the HOD has sudden needs which demand immediate actions. There is the executive committee to assist.

The executive committee consists of the H.O.D and teacher counselors who are appointed according to the following;

a)       Availability

b)      Knowledgeable-Under went basic training

c)       Interest and passion

d)      Commitment

e)       Caring heart

f)       Role model



  •  Plan guidance and counseling timetable and programmes.
  • It offers the students a choice of available teachers to approach for any

           counseling needs

  • To share out guidance and counseling assignments for easy and effective


  •  In the absence of the HOD, the activities of the department will not be


  • to provide room for delegation of duties where there is a pool to choose from.
  • Oversee the success of family units where each teacher in the school including the principal and the two deputies has students to mentor and to guide.



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