Games Department


Games department at State House Girls’ plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the students meet their educational objectives. The department is led by a group of experienced teachers with a high level of interest in the areas they co-ordinate. The school administration also offers the required support to ensure the department meets its objectives. All classes attend physical education lessons to ensure that they remain physically and psychologically fit in order to cope with their daily tight academic schedules. Physical education is defined as the process that involves acquisition and refinement of mental skills and general well-being of an individual psychologically and otherwise.

Members of games department work in collaboration with qualified coaches in different games to offer the necessary skills to talented students in the preparation of school teams. The games department prepare students in the following areas:-

i)             Athletics – Both track and field events

ii)            Cross-country and heptathlon

iii)          Swimming

iv)          Basketball

v)            Hockey

vi)          Handball

vii)         Netball

viii)        Volleyball

ix)          Football

x)            Lawn tennis

xi)          Badminton

xii)         Table tennis

xiii)        Cricket

xiv)        Rugby


The official games days are Tuesdays and Thursday’s and teams train between 4.00pm to 5.45pm. However, teams have the freedom of practicing any other day of the week. The team’s patron in a lesson with coaches has the freedom to organize friendly matches with other schools.

The games department has also been organizing annual events that involve the whole school and at times other invited schools

1.   Swimming Gala

This is an annual activity done during the first term when the students are breaking for mid-term. The students complete in their houses ie Kifaru, Simba, Nyati, Twiga, Chui, Kiboko, and Jubilee. The winners are awarded certificates, medals, and other prizes. The winning house is awarded a trophy. The best individual swimmers are also awarded trophies.

  2.   Interhouse sports tournament

The houses are also involved in a tournament involving ball games eg football, volleyball, netball, basketball, and athletics. These competitions are usually done during games days. The climax of this tournament is a sports day that is held either in the second or third terms. The houses complete in both track and field events. The event takes place during a day where sponsors are also invited. The sports tournament enables the students to display their talents and the games patron room to capture hidden students talents. The patrons are therefore able to prepare better teams for the coming year in the district championships.

  3.   State House open tournament

This is an annual event that is organized by the department during the second term. It involves both football and volleyball competitions in preparation of district league matches. The invitation is made to schools, colleges, and clubs. The competition takes two days and the winning teams awarded with certificates and trophies. The attendance has been growing year after year. In the year 2016, a total of 26 schools attended the tournament. A higher number is expected in coming years.

It is important to note that the school administration has been very supportive of all the programmes run by the department. Prompt payments to coaches are always done and required materials provided in good time.


Games Department

Gakuo Peter K.


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