Chaplaincy Department


We take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for this far he has brought us as a department. I appreciate the entire State House fraternity who have been very cooperation. During the year we have made significant strides in enabling the students to expand their spiritual knowledge. Firstly, the number of disciple-ship classes and groups have increased significantly. We owe this great work to Anthony Kung’u and Zenah Nyanthama who have selflessly sacrificed their time and resources to minister to the students. Secondly, the ministry of the word intensified and targeted to produce holistic students. In line with that, we appreciate all the preachers who have faithfully come to preach to the Protestants, Catholics, Seventh day Adventists, and Muslim communities.

During the year we have had phenomenal various meetings among them Mothers’ Day on 26 June 2016. It had a great impact on the mothers as Pst. Tom Otieno, Tina Nzuki and the C.U Drama team ministered to the mothers. In addition, in term one and two we also had weeks of prayer and fasting which have to enable the school to gain direction from God and allow both students and staff to pray for the needs of the school, families and the nation. We have also held weekend challenges and rallies which have helped the school review their spiritual walk. The old girls were also able to lead a Sunday service and hold career talks with the form fours on 3rd July 2016. Finally, teachers had very encouraging services with the various societies on 12th June 2016. Indeed great progress has been made in spiritual nourishment. The groups have also reached to the rest of the students by taking care of the needy amongst us of the orphans. The only plea we have is that a CHAPEL is put up in the school.

Meanwhile, the school assembly hall to be enlarged to cater for all the students during the Sunday services. In spite of the challenges facing young people today, we acknowledge that we have made great strides in endeavoring to meet their needs.

Special thanks go to both the teaching staff and support staff who take their time to help the students grow spiritual. I specifically thank Madam Chege and Sis Chege- Catholic Patrons; Madam Momanyi- SDA; and Madam Nahya- Muslims for their tireless effort to look after the students.

Scripture of the year: Present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God which is your reasonable sacrifice Romans 12:1.


J. Ogweno



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