Humanities Department


This department comprises of four subjects vis-à-vis Geography, History CRE and IRE.

The teachers in the department:

1. Mrs. Joan Muoti                      Principal (CRE/Hist)

2. Mrs. Grace Kibira                    H.O.D (Geo/Hist)

3. Mrs. Elsy Mbaabu                    H.O.S (Geo/Hist)

4. Mrs. Rosemary Wangwe          H.O.S (Hist/CRE)

5. Ms. Tima Bakari                      H.O.S (IRE/Arabic)

6. Mrs. Beatrice Nyagaka             H.O.S (CRE/Hist)

7. Mrs. Annah Sialai                    Geo/Hist

8. Mrs. Lucy Otieno                     C.R.E/Geo

9. Mrs. Catherine Ireri                 Hist/CRE

10. Miss. Nahya Omar                 IRE

11. Mrs. Jemimah Bosire             Hist/CRE

12. Ms. Jackline Cheruto             Geo/Hist

13. Mrs. Linda Taalam                 Hist

14. Mr. Duncan Ojode                 Hist/CRE


This very competent and highly efficient team has worked tirelessly to realize the remarkable results in KCSE exams. Most of them have a vast experience spanning many years which has helped to build confidence in students to succeed in KCSE exam.

In our endeavor to build and maintain the goals that we have achieved so far, we have put the following mechanisms in place;

  1. Completing the syllabus in good time in all the classes
  2. Conducting education trips especially in geography .This year (2016), we have managed to take form four geography students to Mwea Tebere irrigation scheme and Masinga HEP station.
  3. Subject teachers’ facilitation to update them on KCSE requirements.
  4. Facilitation for candidates.
  5. Selection of form two subjects in first term to enable students concentrate in their optional subjects
  6. Enhancing teaching through use of  ICT
  7. Making deliberate attempts in catering for both quick and slow learners.

The school administration has also been instrumental in facilitating learning activities in the department.  We especially embrace the provision of learning/teaching resources and availability of teachers.

It is my sincere hope that humanities subjects will continue enabling learners to develop life kills like critical thinking, creative thinking and creativity in the light of emerging issues which will make them better persons. This is a result of the never ceasing guidance and counseling sessions offered to the students in the various subjects.

My vision for the department is the achievement of the long-held ambition of becoming top school in the various subjects as we strive to excel and become an   A –rated department. May God Bless the department and Statehouse Girls’.





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